Our worktop materials include solid wood, quartz, sintered stone, laminate and Corian, and each has its own advantages.

Corian offers joints that are so smooth and seamless that they can be almost imperceptible. Add their coved upstands and your worktop can flow up the wall and into a window without gaps, which is particularly desirable behind sinks. Images can be seen here. (Link to existing Corian section).

Quartz worktops (such as Caesarstone and Silestone) are non-porous, stain-resistant, solid and enable sinks to be under-mounted so that they need no drainer: the worktop is either recessed or grooved to take away the excess water, but can still be used as a worktop for preparing vegetables or standing items temporarily.

Sintered stone shares properties with quartz, but is composed entirely of natural minerals. These are transformed into a new material using intense heat and pressure. This process means that they are particularly scratch- and heat-resistant. Dekton’s ultra-compact surfaces are highly resistant to UV rays, stains, scratches, fire and freezing – characteristics that make them suitable even for floors and outdoor use.

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