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Making Your Bathroom a Place to Unwind

Something that is becoming all too common for many people is the late night shift, whether you work in a busy web design company or you’re an aspiring lawyer working in a new firm, you’ll no doubt have left work when it’s dark a number of times; gone are the 9 till 5 days as so many of us now have longer and busier days. After a hectic week at work there is no better feeling on a Friday night than kicking off your shoes and relaxing in a warm bath full of bubbles, maybe with a glass of wine or your favourite book? First however, you’ll need to spend some time ensuring that your bathroom in Oxford provides the perfect mix of calm and tranquillity, how? Read on as we here at Oxford Kitchens & Bathrooms explore how to make this room the perfect place to unwind and let your troubles float away with the bubbles from our bath.


Before even thinking about running that bath you need to consider the design of this room, all too often people just slap a lick of plain paint on it and don’t consider what colours would be perfect for this area. Blue’s have an incredibly calming effect, and remember to keep it as minimalist as possible; clutter in the bathroom won’t help you clear the clutter in your head after your busy week.


It might seem like a cliché putting candles in your bathroom as you lie and soak your worries away, but they create the perfect relaxed setting. To truly unwind you could invest in scented candles that have tranquil and calm properties in their flavour; vanilla or lavender are a favourite for many.

There are many things that you can do to unwind in this room, but the first place to start is with the right bathroom! Feel free to take a look at we here at Oxford Kitchens & Bathrooms can offer today.

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