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Shopping for Designer Bathroom Radiators Oxford

When you have chosen a new designer bathroom in Oxford complete with luxurious bath tub and contemporary fixtures and fittings, your area of tranquillity and style can quickly be dampened if other aspects of the room are not replaced, such as the radiator. If your radiator stands to let down the otherwise elegant décor, consider replacing it with a contemporary design from the specialists here at Oxford Kitchens and Bathrooms.

After a long, hard day at work, something many people look forward to is dropping the bags at the door and heading upstairs for a lovely hot soak in peaceful surroundings. This is greatly aided when your bathroom reflects your personal taste in every single way, from the flooring to the radiators.

Highly regarded for their innovative designs and superior quality, Bisque Radiators are one of the most proficient designers of radiators in the UK. With a diverse collection available, you can rest assured that whether your bathroom showcases classic appeal or contemporary features, a suitable radiator will be sourced with ease.

Bisque bathroom radiators are available in 25 designs, but with each creation, both size and colour can be adapted to suit the constraints of the bathroom’s dimensions and the existing colour scheme you have in place. A far cry from standard issue radiators, these customised devices will be a standout feature of any bathroom area, guaranteed to impress on every occasion.

Their ability to create such unusual designs without detracting from the high-quality thermal performance they provide stems from their wealth of experience which dates back over thirty years. We are proud to supply the Bisque range as we firmly believe they manufacture radiators to a finished quality like no other.

From the moment you get in touch with our specialist team, we will work tirelessly to design a bathroom that incorporates everything you need it to. Whether it is a design based around functionality or simply a setting for pure indulgence, we have the skill, creativity and resources to achieve this for you.

To find out more about a designer bathroom in Oxford expertly provided by the team here at Oxford Kitchens and Bathrooms, search our website today.

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